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Got a web or enterprise application that needs extra hands?
We provide project outsourcing, contract staffing and offshore partnership services for your software development team.

Deliver solutions to your customers in record time

Our software development team augmentations give you the flexibility to grow your team as quickly as your business. Get just a few more hands on your team or ramp up a fully managed team of software architects, developers, UI/UX designers and QA engineers.

Our onboarding process defines and helps our clients define the optimum team configurations and process tailoring that is required to align the teams with client-specific practices. While we are big into Agile-based development, we believe that even the Agile process has to be customized to fit your current development cycles.

Our core competencies in terms of technologies revolve around the Microsoft development stack as well as open-source development platforms, including Java, PHP and Javascript. Our support services include project managers and business analysts with extensive experience in managing international client projects.

We embrace a technology-agnostic approach where we believe one of our core strengths is forming teams for clients that could include resources across a wide cross-cut of technologies.

One of our key differentiators is our ability to source full-stack developers who are increasingly in demand by our clients.



Pyxle has a strong Microsoft .NET practice, shaped over years of developing workflow, collaboration and web application solutions.



Java technologies are in our genes, considering also that Colombo boasts one of the hottest global communities of Java developers from the software industry and top universities alike.


PHP & Open-Source

Our web development practice includes lots of open-source technologies, with special expertise in the Laravel PHP framework that dramatically speeds up development time.


Our UI/UX team codes fluently in HTML and CSS, the bread and butter of front-end web development technologies.



Our front end gurus are experts in the popular AngularJS and KnockoutJS Javascript frameworks.



Our Database and Business Intelligence (BI) expertise focuses on Microsoft SQL Server and Power BI, providing a powerful platform for enterprise-level data warehousing, analysis and reporting.


Pyxle Global is your team. Now.

We offer fast-growing companies the ability to quickly scale their software development operations with strategic team augmentations from our development center in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Happy clients

IdeaPoint has utilized Pyxle’s staff augmentation services for the past 7+ years and the offsite team has been instrumental in the company’s growth and reach over the years.

Our clients