Application Support & Maintenance (ASM)

Is your application a bear to manage? Let us ease the burden with a full range of application support and maintenance services.

Something is bound to slip, but we’ve got your back.

As your critical business applications, environments and systems keep growing, maintaining business continuity, application availability and performance plays a key role. The problem is multiplied when your systems are a mix of technologies, application islands and diversified environments that need constant monitoring and support, even when you are asleep. Given the intensity something’s bound to slip, and downtimes or malfunctions have direct impact on your business and profitability, which are now being measured in terms of “loss of business” or “dollar value” impact.

We at Pyxle make it our business to ensure your operations run smoothly, proactively addressing issues ahead of time while also facilitating quick resolutions to minimize business impact via our ASM offering. Our unique approach to ASM is via a Business Systems Governance model that turns traditional ASM services into a Center of Excellence (CoE).


Our ASM services include
  • Legacy systems maintenance
  • Systems Operational Support
  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Support
  • Application Support with Major and Minor Enhancements
  • L2 and L3 Support
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Support

Let Pyxle support your application support & maintenance (ASM) operations with an extended team that plugs in seamlessly with your onsite team.

Our Pyxle ASM unique approach
  • Identify key business processes, information flows and service sources
  • Create Business Critical Systems Maps
  • Translate Business KPIs and identify Systems Performance KPIs
  • Define ASM Governance approach
  • Define Automation and SLA driven models



We offer fast-growing companies the ability to quickly scale their software development operations with strategic team augmentations from our development center in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Happy clients

IdeaPoint has utilized Pyxle’s staff augmentation services for the past 7+ years and the offsite team has been instrumental in the company’s growth and reach over the years.

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